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Join us for

The F.A.T. Method

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No More...

  • Restricting yourself from your favorite foods

  • Counting calories

  • Avoiding birthday cake or holiday meals

  • Skipping a night out with friends

  • Buying special foods or supplements

  • Spending countless hours on a treadmill

Now imagine losing those extra pounds WITHOUT doing these things...


And not only get back into the clothes you love but also have a body that looks, feels, and moves great.

Lose Those Unwanted Pounds and Get Fit!

Want to lose weight faster and look even better?
Although not required to lose weight in this program, we include workouts specifically designed to increase your metabolism so that you will not only burn more calories during your workout but also for up to 48 hours after each workout PLUS you start noticing a more toned and firm body.

Listen to What Others Are Saying

You Will Be Amazed At How Quickly You'll See Results...Even If You Haven't Exercised

What's Included In Your 8 Weeks...

Daily Accountability & Motivation

Most people never reach their weight-loss goals because they don't have the help they need, but with group support and our expert team on your side, you're guaranteed to succeed!

Nutrition Guidance

Dieting and special foods are NOT required, but we could all use to eat healthier by learning about proper nutrition and better food choices. A better body needs better food. We have you covered!

Guided Workouts

Hours killing yourself on cardio machines are a thing of the past! Our optional workouts are focused on creating beautiful firm, toned, fat-burning muscle.

Our Guarantee To You!

If you follow our plan and do not lose weight, you'll get your money back!

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